About me?

A copywriter & content marketer who loves marketing more than anything else
a reader who has lived 1000 lives

Hey, I’m Himanshu.

I help saas, marketing, and personal development businesses with their copywriting and content marketing needs. Primarily, my work is about writing sales and marketing copy using research, data, and a proven process.

When I’m not working, I’m binging on books & taking notes. I’ve been a consistent reader for a decade. To give back, I now create reader-centric, research-based content as a leisure activity.

My background is in IT/Software Development with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and over two years of industry experience.

Empathy is a core value that I stick to. Although not always easy, I’m getting better every day at putting myself in other people’s shoes and seeing things from their perspectives. I believe empathy is the first thing you need to be a better copywriter and marketer.

Meanwhile, I also ran a photography and media production business. Back then, I spent my days doing photography and media collection on the streets of Jaipur (India) with my team. It was a unique experience that taught me humility, empathy, and how to pay attention. I learned to let go of false self-images and superficial ego-dictated goals. It’s then when I realized that perception is everything, and no profession is good or bad. The best way to grow and explore other facets of your personality is to try out different professions, regardless of what society thinks. Money is just the by-product of work done with passion and integrity. 

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