Easy Content Marketing for Tech Companies: A Complete Guide

Twenty years ago, it was a bad idea for tech companies to become publishing companies. Things changed. In 2015, Seth Godin, the godfather of modern marketing, made a bold statement that said, "Content marketing is the only marketing left." Today all major tech companies are doing content marketing. Here I discuss content marketing for tech companies along with some crazy examples of how the leading players are doing it.

Content Marketing vs Product Marketing

Content Marketing and Product Marketing are two seemingly similar marketing techniques that many companies use to generate leads and sales. But if you dig deeper, you’ll find that there is a considerable difference between the two. In this post, we talk about the major differences and help you understand which one you should choose and when. Content Marketing It involves creating and distributing content that is highly valuable to your prospects but doesn’t necessarily talk about your product. It is aimed at educating your prospects, helping them solve their problems, and building trust and authority as a solution provider. Some…

Feeling Stress and Burnout? The Reason Might Not Be What You Think.

As workers of the gig economy, we feel like we are in a race against time. We're constantly striving to do more and be more productive. The result is a lot of stress, exhaustion, and burnout. If you're reading this, it likely means you're feeling the stress of your work. You might even be considering how to deal with it. But wait for a second and look at the flip side. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs, including Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, worked more than 80 hours a week. Did they burn out? No. This poses a new question: is overwork the real cause of burnout?

What is a Customer Avatar and Why is it so Important

Marketers usually follow a set of steps to get a good idea of their product and the markets they want to enter: Define the target audience, create a marketing strategy to reach this audience, find the best way to present the product, etc. However, is there an exact process of how to do it? Some people say there is no precise way of how to achieve this. And others say that the only way to do it is by creating customer avatars.

The 3 Pillars to a Successful Selling Strategy

Marketing is not just about buying ads and social media, and for some weird reason, people think it's easy to make money, especially when you are selling coaching or consulting services. They think you make money because you're brilliant. But you know the truth. Selling a service isn't just about being brilliant. There's a crucial element that goes unnoticed—your selling strategy.

14 Common Mistakes I See Marketing Agencies Make

Marketing agencies come in all shapes and sizes. And with that diversity comes a wide range of expertise. But, at their core, they all have one job: to help their clients grow and scale their businesses. While their approaches may differ, most agencies have businesses that share a lot in common. They face the same challenges, and they make the same mistakes. So we put together this list of the fourteen most common mistakes we see agencies make. You might be making some of these too.  If you’re someone looking for a marketing agency, this list will help you find…

The 5-Step-Blueprint Coaches & Consultants Use To Make Money Online

The internet is full of information, but it’s also full of misinformation—and it can be virtually impossible to sort the good from the bad. The trick is learning what the successful coaches and consultants deem as the best tactics and using those techniques to your advantage. To find that out, you need to look at what the top coaches and consultants are doing when running successful online businesses. We’ve compiled a five-step blueprint that our top-performing coaches and consultants use. 1. Pick your lane, your ‘zone of genius’ and stick to it. It is an age-old question: How can you…

7 Common Mistakes I See Coaches and Consultants Make With Their Marketing

Most coaches and consultants don’t have a background in marketing or conversion rate optimization (CRO); very few universities teach CRO as part of their curriculum. Yet, because the internet has become the primary marketing channel for most businesses, it’s essential for coaches and consultants to know the basics. Even if you have a marketing background, it’s easy to slip into the daily rut and miss the goldmine. Every day, I see coaches making mistakes that cost them leads and sales. Here are seven of the most common ones. I looked at their social media accounts, websites, newsletter emails, and all…

Why Should You Choose Content Marketing Over Facebook Ads

Most consumers on the internet know that almost everyone is trying to sell them something. Picture this — You just opened a website, and you see a ton of advertisements, affiliate links, trackers, retargeting ads, and whatnot! Watching a YouTube video? You see ads trying to lure you into webinars, courses, products, and subscriptions! Scrolling through your social feed? You see sponsored content from companies telling how well their product or service could help you! Amidst all this, consumer scepticism is growing. Yet, at the same time, there is a raging war between marketers to produce the best ads. Ads…