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Feeling Stress and Burnout? The Reason Might Not Be What You Think.

As workers of the gig economy, we feel like we are in a race against time. We're constantly striving to do more and be more productive. The result is a lot of stress, exhaustion, and burnout.If you're reading this, it likely means you're feeling the stress of your work. You might even be considering how to deal with it.But wait for a second and look at the flip side. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs, including Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, worked more than 80 hours a week. Did they burn out? No.This poses a new question: is overwork the real cause of burnout?

What is a Customer Avatar and Why is it so Important

Marketers usually follow a set of steps to get a good idea of their product and the markets they want to enter: Define the target audience, create a marketing strategy to reach this audience, find the best way to present the product, etc. However, is there an exact process of how to do it? Some people say there is no precise way of how to achieve this. And others say that the only way to do it is by creating customer avatars.

The 3 Pillars to a Successful Selling Strategy

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Marketing is not just about buying ads and social media, and for some weird reason, people think it's easy to make money, especially when you are selling coaching or consulting services. They think you make money because you're brilliant. But you know the truth. Selling a service isn't just about being brilliant. There's a crucial element that goes unnoticed—your selling strategy.