12 Questions to Know Your Target Audience Better

As marketers, we have to have a clear picture of who our customers are. And if you’re working on marketing content or copy for a new product or service, then you need to know how your customers are likely to behave.

Before you begin writing copy, make sure you are absolutely clear on the answer to these 12 questions:

  1. Who am I targeting?
  2. Where does my ideal reader/viewer consume content? (desktop or mobile)
  3. What problems do they currently face?
  4. What would make them happy?
  5. What would make them angry?
  6. What emotions should I try to evoke from readers?
  7. Which words should I avoid?
  8. When should I post?
  9. Is there an existing community around this topic? Do I belong? Can I contribute something useful?
  10. Can I build trust with potential contributors?
  11. Are there any competitors already doing what I’m proposing? Are they successful?
  12. Am I willing to put myself out there? Is it worth it?
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