6 Steps To Faster Rankings For Businesses

You want quick results; we know it. But ranking on the first page of google comes with its own struggles, from dealing with complicated algorithms to finding people with years of experience. While some marketers can rank their websites in less than a year, there are instances of people who have done it faster.

These six steps can shorten the time it takes to rank high, and we’ll show you what to do and how to do it.

1. Build a pipeline of external writers and agree to a cost per 1,000 words

The real gold mine is content marketing. After all, the Internet has an infinite appetite for content. The more articles you can produce, the better.

Although many people are discouraged by their writing skills, there’s a whole crop of writers looking to make a career out of writing for the web. Even if you’re not ready to employ a full-time writer, there’s no reason you can’t have a pipeline of writers on call who specialize in different subjects.

With a constant flow of topics to cover, you can hire writers to produce a set number of words per month.

Here are some things to take care of:

Have your content marketing strategy in place before you start pushing out content: This way, you can discuss projects with your team and give input on the direction of the content. Having a clear strategy in place helps you stay focused. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily rut when you don’t have a clear plan. Hire an experienced content marketer to put the strategy in place.

Hire quality writers: You’ll want your writers to have experience with writing for your niche. Your writer should have a firm grasp of your industry and market, as well as any jargon you like to use. It’s also helpful if they can write in your style. For example, if you write long, in-depth pieces, you’ll want someone who has the right skills for it.

2. Manage everything in Trello

Trello is a popular tool for managing work. With Trello, you can create boards that are flexible, easy to use and shareable. The following is our workflow:

1. Create cards. One card for each article.

2. Assign the card to a teammate/writer.

3. Add checklists about points to keep in mind while creating content.

4. Add due dates.

5. Assign to a proofreader. The proofreader checks grammatical errors, facts and plagiarism.

6. Comments and discussion on the card.

3. Create strict writing guidelines

For years, content marketers have created their own style guides—usually informal documents that outline the most frequent errors made by writers on their teams. These guidelines serve to keep writers on a particular brand’s page, and they also help new writers understand the company’s writing style. 

Before submitting their work, each writer should make sure that all the guidelines have been met. This reduces the discussion process, and there are fewer needs for revisions. 

Pro Tip: Take a look at our guidelines here.

4. Have your best marketer do the keyword research, select the title and brief each post

Hiring a professional marketer to do keyword research is a vital part of a solid content marketing strategy. A good marketer will evaluate your business and your competitors, and then carefully craft a keyword research strategy.

When it comes to search rankings, you need to focus on more than just the topics because if you do, your content won’t be optimized for search engines and the readers it attracts.

An experienced marketer will also help you understand the context behind how people use keywords to search for content, which could play a crucial part in your rankings.

5. Review, interlink, add CTA’s & featured images

Ranking higher isn’t just about writing quality content. Each piece of content on your blog should link to other relevant content, both internally and externally.

Plus, to make sure you’re not missing out on the conversions, include call-to-actions (CTA’s) in every post. 

Research suggests that 70% of small B2B websites lack a call-to-action[1]. Do you want your website to be one of them and lose lots of potential conversions? Surely no.

6. Eradicate friction from the publishing process

Publishing blog posts is a time-consuming process requiring many people from the marketing team to sign off. Although having multiple people review content before it is published can reduce the likelihood of errors, it can also create a lot of friction in the publishing process, slowing down the time it takes to produce and publish posts.

An easier way to reduce friction is to have one person from the core marketing team sign off the blog post, reducing the friction and time it takes a post to go from written to published.


Content marketing has become the new buzzword of the digital marketing industry, and with good reason: it works! When done right, content marketing is a reliable way to attract new customers, build your brand, and even increase sales. Follow these six steps, and you’ll start seeing your rankings improve fast.

Want to Rank Faster?

Rank on First Page, Attract New Customers, Build Your Brand, and Make More Sales

[1] – https://dsim.in/blog/2017/07/21/113-cta-stats-to-quantify-its-power-for-brands/

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